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One must draw a line somewhere
09.30.05 (1:30 am)   [edit]

Incubus of sudden phone call I got last night. And I think this will be the last post for this URL. ~ At 19:19, I was in a hurry just finished translating texts to submit it to the monthly contest. When I started to examine the composition, my cellphone rang. It was from the one - firstly threw me into the world of blog. To break the conversation short, I spoke to her all in Japanese - never in English. It was nothing but a self-will persecution complex. During the short absurd argument, I told her never to call me again to end up the conversation, and disconnected. I just wanted to escape from her sexial-business involvement and cheating. However, her call came to my keitai again, and so I simply powered it off for going back to work. How disturbing and senseless. After sending my entry to the contest office, I forbade the number to block its connection. 着信拒否設定 is quite well-adjusted to Japanese society now, for the better or the worse. ~ Anyway. Making the long story short, I met her through email-magazine's forum. Firstly it was hosted by まぐまぐ, but now the registration of issue is missing - as I expected. In the end of 2004, she asked me to translate her arranged book of British sweets by email. At that time we're in good relationship, and so I accepted. Things are gradually changing by the coming of 2005. In January, I was surprised to hear about her sudden divorce with (ex-)Japanese husband Mr K by email and blog's post. Because some of my relative experienced a hard divorce and redeemed single mom's honor in the past, I really felt for her misery. ...I must admit my English was poorer at that time. Just by a glance, I can see how crazy this show was for now. It's so hard to understand why a human can brandish such a blade to win others over. Crabs? I don't need such third-rate friendship. Human is not a belonging or stuff to show-off. ~ As I wrote about in previous post, I sent consultation offerings to several organization by email, in several times. But it seems to be a real crap to deal, 'cause such harrassment seems helpless even though the web-justice I asked. So much alike in every modus operandi. Following to the study case, I dare to fight back now. Shut your frigging mouth and stop annoying others, Joolie. There's no loophole already, everyone's watching. My friend who you met at Tokyo in March (This is the most regrettable and sad unfoldment, but we do remember the meeting. I'm sure she can witness for me, 'cause she's one of my best friends from the school). ~ How sad. Do you wanna stay false to keep your majestic reign to every other human being?! Can't stand it. Such conduct is beneath you. Keep your own way, I just throw up my hands and go on with my own work. Nothing more to say. Rant and rave over, good-bye. ~ Extremis malis extrema remedia ---and I'm not a doctor or therapist, at all.

*REFERENCE! :[Internet Web Archive]* ~ search more for deleted pages! ~


What an irony... and I DARE TO DECLARE:

Joolie's partner, is an online sex-toy shop owner @: www [dot] love-smile [dot] com


:: What a shame, That "Silly" Japanese Boi's blog -

http:[slash ×2]lovesmileblog[dot]livedoor[dot]biz[slash]

~Check his CV and writing~

Or, Livedoor, what you guys DO NEXT?! - Vive your biz with THAT FOOL-O-LOGY!


Proud of your roots
09.28.05 (5:41 am)   [edit]
Today's photo news just made me chuckle. Niigata upfront! Yay I admire delicious food product and cultural tradition in my prefecture, as well as I'm interested in outward exotica.

addition: heard a rumor and seems to be true.
iPod's surface = made in Sanjo, Niigata
Here's somewhat a country of crafts and creation I suppose...to get over a long, cold wintertime with fun.

I don't know why the error's happening to the left.

Play Fair
09.26.05 (10:34 pm)   [edit]
Additionally, referred a case to:

U.S. Copywright Office
The UK Patent Office

I'm on the move from here.
Sooner or later, will create more better one having copywright stipulation.

My Favorite Pastime
09.25.05 (3:02 am)   [edit]
1) Audition of newly-released music.
Listening booth @ record shop is best, but it's also nice to try them online.
My amazon.co.jp wishlist here.
I simply add and keep them for future reference, to remember + buy 'em myself when I can afford to order. Check if you interested.

2) Reading.
Part of my work and own pleasure. I love the atmosphere of bookshops and libraries.
Mountains of good stories make me excited and happy.

3) Watching movies.
Mostly by renting videos/DVDs, but theater screen is dynamic and the best.
I'm interested in what others think and live their lives, greatly.
That'll be my eternal investigation through my life.


TOEIC® Craze
09.25.05 (2:32 am)   [edit]
Finally...released from pre-test strain.
Today I took TOEIC® from noon, the regulation was utterly strict.
Especially, I was taken aback by newly added rules to prevent troubles like cheating or unfairness. Here I report some of them:

> No marks of any kind should be made in the test books. Educational Testing Service(ETS), developer of the TOEIC test, considers any marking of test books to be a form of cheating.
Warnings will be given if you are caught making notes in a test book.

= It was OK last time I took the test...why suddenly?

> Test proctors will make rounds of the test room to confirm that optimal testing conditions are maintained and that all examinees comply with the instructions and warnings.

= Because of strong air-conditioning for rainy Sunday in mid-September, the venue was chilly cold. It was annoying...

> Please limit noise that may disturb other examinees. If you do not feel well, please ask a member of our staff for assistance before the test starts.
> Certain noises are unavoidable during the test, such as those associated with turning of test book pages and movement of test proctors. Even if a noise does occur during the listening portion of the test, the affected questions will not be repeated. The testing time will also not be altered if a noise occurs during the reading section.
= These two instructions...seem quite paradox.

> Refer to the examinee guide for other warnings and instructions.
Failing to follow test-proctor and/or printed instructions may result in
(1) your answer sheet not being scored
(2) dismissal from the test site, and/or
(3)refusal of future test applications.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation so that all examinees will have equal opportunity to maximize their test performance. Feel free to ask a member of our staff if you have any questions.

© TOEIC® Steering Commitee


Stoicism, or double-standard for maintaining so-called the very best conditions...?
Anyway, I'm quite weariful of these usual fastidiousness happen in my country, in honest.
That gets examinees too nervous or tensive in test captivity. In reality, almost no one speak or ask questions - as long as I remember.

Thanks to reading various kinds of blogs, responding emails in English, etc. in past months, I could solve the problems more easier than before. Yes, this is my new way of learning live words - quite innovative. And in my classic case, I spent last 10 minutes falling on my face on the desk to sleep...just the same as my highschool age.
I wasn't a top student at all. Always a latecomer for morning assembly, in practice.
Viva freemason! :) Event organizing is my knack I learned in the past.

I watched Bakuten last night, just to relax...but hey, the program was too funny that almost killing me with laughter!
All is relative, ridiculously.

Just to report...
09.20.05 (8:46 pm)   [edit]
[today's quotes]

Lookers-on see most of the game.

It takes all sorts to make the world.

If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.


Yes, it's a matter of chivalry, intelligence and humor.

Cowards just grumbling 'bout me on their own consumption,
and I really don't take such kind of ****** criticism.

And what makes the matter worse, they're having no ears toward others
just to feel as if they're the coolest or something of #1 - at any
time. That's the most disgusting point I see in many introverted
people. Bloggers seems to be sorted into 2 certain types, according
to survey:
a) simply loves communication through anything, either in actual or not.
b) weak in actual conversation and express their feelings by writing.

Nicole is back and we're not
much as green as celebrity, as you can see in our scripts. Hooray.

Having something to ask or say?
For the ones in my contact list, let me know by any ways.
Skype is already done, I'm such a lump of curiosity...

TOEIC® this Sunday...!

09.05.05 (4:36 am)   [edit]
Secret Service

[from ---Keishicho]

Or worst case:
National Police

littera scripta manet, my keitai's still memorizing silly texts from you, poor Alice in Wonderland.

Go judge? I'm ready.

UPDATE: web110 [only in Japanese]
---asking a consultation now,
Speaking of...
08.29.05 (5:02 pm)   [edit]
packages and styles. I've been thinking about this way of text-talking.
It's getting uncool and salacious lately. Why? I was hooted, annoyed and fighted.
I'm about to forget who start the fight first, but I'd like to ask everyone how's this blogosphere or internet communication is going to be. Fake or Truth? Fight or Game?
What the heck this blogosphere stands for you all? OH generation Y...!

For the better or worse, Japan is a country of permissions and courtesy.

Those rules make strict controls in every single elements, and the regulation is so close and complicated.

Perhaps the reason why I prefer to type in English is because it has no honorific term like Japanese, like the way I speak in Japanese to my friends or something...
Anyway, the matter is this:
self-responsibility, manner, and court*e*sy.[modified]

Blog is now popular in Japan, like these mainstreamers:

Quite a variety.
First I got involved and thrown in chaotic world of translation and languages - leaving these national trends of personal publication system, by chance in January 2005.

Europe is the capital of translators. That's why I'm hoping to visit there someday.
My way of thinking is just like this. I'm a trainee translator still. Point mistakes out in my English. I see many in everywhere, and my teaching job concludes checking 'em out in correct ones, in quick. Exactly, translators should be tough, rough-and-ready.

Enjoy yourselves.

08.22.05 (8:55 pm)   [edit]
Small Announcement

Currently I'm struggling with coming TOEIC test, translation contest assignments, school's teaching program, and new plans for rectifying this blog. So, please enjoy yourselves for a while. Dig your own delight in your ways with some balanced moderation, with no cruel barbarity. Too much things to do I currently have, and no time to waste for fruitless conversation. If you have some questions, flickrmail/email me. I'll reply you if it is worth counselling. Thanks for reading, have a good time.


(*_*):: At last...I succeeded to fix my primary email server's trouble. Finally.
@ 19:50 pm

07.16.05 (2:24 am)   [edit]
A phrase of the day...

"Let bygones be bygones."

...just for the personal record of 16 July 2005.

update @ 21:30 p.m. *sigh*

Don't feed with pigeons! sign
07.15.05 (3:28 am)   [edit]


07.12.05 (9:02 pm)   [edit]

I'm a nonpartisan pacifist...

I wish you good luck, for all.

And wish me luck, next translation paper is waiting...

written @ 16:12 PM

07.12.05 (5:00 am)   [edit]
Trial assignment No.1, done...finally
(It's medical one, I'm no good!)

Some of you already know, I'm a freelance telecommuting translator and supplementary private school teacher (wages are lower than what we accomplish...I'm sure of it). And Summer is, don't know why though, a peak season for the one by profession. Vacation here...is only a month and a few weeks, and students are filled with piles of everyday exercises.
Though I'm very weak at subjects like Science/Technology, I could do them skillfully with some short-term concentration. When I was a high school student, friends asked me to exchange examination sheets to fill out their right answers on Japanese, English, World History etc...for every arts subject test sheets. In return, they helped correcting my Math, Chemistry, Physics, Science papers.

Anyway...I remember those memories. Liberal arts are my major.

I love music, films and books etc... They tells a lot to me.
To be continued...

My ADSL connection charge per month (time-limit free) is about 1 year pro Flickr account + some. The general prices were reduced last winter, and now fiber-optic cable connection is going to be a mainstream...with a frightful speed. Virtual insanity... And work requires them to examine words quickly...that's it.

07.09.05 (2:24 am)   [edit]

Got tired...

What's up friends then...?! It's just like a massive maze or knotty case. Again, why??? .....To me, enigma is rather this multiple txt talking situation. *?*...

Anyway, thanks for reading to all. Please feel free to leave comments, if you can... :) Much love as a bloggin' crew...(or a bunch? A word has a lot of meanings in English, not just like in Japanese!...*sigh*)

::p.s. Hospitality and proofreading welcome::

07.05.05 (12:01 am)   [edit]

"Ask, and it shall be given to you".....

Though I'm indifferent to religions, I agree with a lot of witty sayings. And these quotes are also necessary to my profession.....that's nice...


Downloaded iTunes,QuickTime etc...Apple Macintosh thingy. Dudes, these are really good... Especially for sound quality! Interaction is profitable and pleasant. Uh and communicative is my trait...and boredom turns me off. I wish I could post my vox.....if I got the method. [tBlog is still tumbling around...can't edit mistakes/spell-check posts, ugh!] Rainy season gets me bored..... Be happy anyway. Cheers!

07.03.05 (11:45 pm)   [edit]

Trial Trial Trial.....

Well then, I've been trying to some translation contest assignments right now. My current goal is to do with publication realm, translate and publish books by my own hands. Sure that's not the easier way, but I like it and so am trying. I learned several types of translation at school - general, practical-BUSINESS(quit the class halfway), films (dubbing + subtitles), publication (novels, young-adults, Japanese → English etc.), just to make sure. And the reason I thought to be a translator is because this field doesn't stickle about one's academic background so much. Ideal with highly-educated personal history, though, translation ability says the most. However, I enormously realized that I'd learn more and more...and it isn't build in a day! These are some elements for pro-translator(publication), according to a tra.magazine:

Concentration and Consideration to the work

Thorough Preview, Information Retrieval, and Perfection

Essencial Ability of Translating Languages

Effort and Patience

・Exploitation and Uniquity

Read over 50 paperbacks, Translate over 2,500 papers

..... :roll:

I'm still fledgling. I can read partial Japanese books in a day, but English ones take more time.

::tBlog seems to have 'archive' error. 'tis annoying, hence this look. ::

07.03.05 (11:02 pm)   [edit]

Epoch-making, investigation-cooperative service!

What a remarkable news...I think this is really good idea to exterminate crimes...!

Read these: English (Japan Today) / 日本語 (Yomiuri Online).

And I DO AGREE with this!!! (Japanese Only, sorry) The article is about filtering soft, to regulate harmful/criminal/suicidal pages on the net - to prevent virtual peril & cyber crimes. WWW is open to public, beware folks. 皆さん、気をつけましょう。:wink:

06.29.05 (1:53 am)   [edit]

Rough-and-ready job

 Alive in the sun!

Stopped raining and took this on my way home. Hooray!

06.28.05 (1:00 am)   [edit]

Heavy rain and flood warning

Yesterday, finally here's got into a rainy season officially. Though it had been so hot until then, the weather changed to hard rain in a day! In the morning I was pleased with cool shower, at night it turned out to be a heavy rain warning. (Mainichi Daily News Yomiuri Online: 日本語)

[additional: The Japan Times Online English coverage!]

Over 100mm rainfall.

Calamity again... last Summer there was affected by flooding, also hit by the biggest earthquake ever in the last 100 years.....a convulsion of nature. In my area, the damage was ethereal but that made me think wide. About real good use of time given to my life. I saw many people got plunged into the depths of despair, friends and aquaintances got involved in the wreck of quakes. So, ultimately I realized that I SHOULD live my life better with faithful people and friends. Living in a falsehood just leaves me a caldron of question and wrath. [.....;)]

Ah, me.

::I must admit my grammar is a bit funny...go on to next post::

06.25.05 (8:14 pm)   [edit]

It's an occupational disease.....

Somewhat I'm feeling disgusted with power-game loving people, forward almost anything self-advantageous... (I always hope the translation work right to express my way of thinking as a Japanese, spent almost all her life in this land of rice.) It's just confusing. Key is in a difference of each cultures... Or maybe that's why I decided to learn non-native language to translate/teach.

I started to learn English when I was 12 @ general, ordinary public junior-high school. At that time I almost couldn't find any foreigners speak English around me, and was regarding it as complicated. In fact my result was below the average. I was, rather, a student couldn't keep up with intricate studies till the middle of 2nd year. Luckily the change has come in my study life. That was summer vacation course of a cram school, enterprised by a mass corporation. I went there to improve my grades, but the classmaster was pit. He told me, "you'll never be able to pass the entrance exam, unless you study here every week or more" - in the end of that Summer. It was almost threat to me and my mother there to hear the steer, but I wasn't fool enough to be their dupe. Soon I dropped out from the jail-like cram and started to educate myself crazily, and it went quite well. I've get over exams that way from now. So I like studying by myself to satisfy my curiousity, but not much sophisticated or rather hate to be educated by others really.

Therefore, being translator or teacher was a bit strange idea. I was unsure whether it's right choice. But managed to study a year @ school of translation in Tokyo, after graduated from English department of local junior college. I made somewhat good results there (referring to former school days) but I hate its stiff environment and back here after finishing the curriculum. The school was fine but full of struggle for good seats. Exactly a disgusting intellectual war. Nevertheless, life in Tokyo gave me a lot of nice friends and experiences. Sometimes I miss friends there greatly to hang out altogether, hope they're doing well. (And contradictorily, I had missed my family, friends and the peaceful atmosphere of Niigata when I was in Tokyo.)

Thanks to a convenience of civilization, I'm learning something good and bad, mixing my brain with English and Japanese (or more). Right or wrong... I think my English getting better than going to take pricey lesson @ propaganda-committed shady language schools.....perhaps it's better than silence, I wish... and this status is an occupational disease. It's an essential condition to be a "good" translator...sad requirement to be a (popular) pro. Hah. Heady Sunday.

06.24.05 (5:32 am)   [edit]


These days, I've had a lot of happy news from almost everywhere I go and visit. My boss on Fridays blissfully told me that she had pregnanted the 2nd baby, and I was asked to cover the teaching role more when her time approached (I'm a sub Japanese/Math + main English teacher there). She and me has kept company with since I was a junior college student, and been working together for a long time. So I'm very glad to hear the news.

And, the same I can say for my wonderful mates: marriage, love, success..... great. Congratulations!!!
Go anywhere you like

BTW, I'm always going my way. Things I hate the most are "control"-"rule"-"supremacy"-"sham"-"dishonesty" etc. Frivorous. Just my personal view though.

06.24.05 (4:40 am)   [edit]

Phrase of the day

A life lived in fear is half-lived.


More @ The Japan Times: Cheering phrases of the week


06.22.05 (12:30 am)   [edit]
Best junk email of the day...

ここ数ヶ月で30代, 40代, それ以上の女性会員数が増えております。

"Lately, the number of women who seeks for serious relationship through the net is on the rise. We had a lot of female members in her 30s, 40s, or more in recent months. They might have had various circumstances, so we send this email to you track-recorded male members over 30, to fulfill those ladies' requests..."

Gross. How did they get my email address????? :?

06.21.05 (12:14 am)   [edit]

Good music has no borders!

At last. I listened Jamiroquai's new disk...speechless. It's beyond description. Just listen.....JK is towering genius of music. So great.

And, what made me so elated was that 'limited special release PV' of my top-favorite band Tokyo Jihen(incidents). I really adore the vocalist Shena Ringo. She used to be a solo-singer-songwriter, listed in Japan's top-chart. I love her works so much anyway, just try have a listen here. (Scroll down  the page, there's Win/Real streaming buttons in the middle!) Awesome...!

This is the last introduction in this post...UA is really special, great person to me. I've been listening to her music since I was 17 or so, and still do love her world. Admirable.

...I sometimes aspire to perform. Still have a yearn for musicians give us big pleasures, by making music of their own. That's really wonderful.

P.S. related to musical button meme post on  Friday 06.10.05

06.18.05 (7:15 pm)   [edit]


Rice Field (田んぼ)

Sky (空)

Walk (散歩)

Today's quote from a book(about business deal): "Verbal promise is a cause of trouble" - it's hard to clarify the whole contents and prove them well. And fickle is the human. Even though it went well in the beginning, unsound deal can make it a big trouble afterwards. Then, sagacity of the man brings them(both employer and employee) an idea of getting out of it naturally. Therefore, contract is necessary. It testifies your formation and contents the most, will be a weapon in case of conflicts. Contract is like relationships; one time is peace, another time battlefield. After all, you'd better be ready for the breakup enough. Now you see how dangerous to make verbal promises mixed up with business - and the best way to avoid fights is trying NOT to make vague promises.

(brief translation from: 契約で失敗しないための知識とQ&A)


Acceptance Mark

moon phase info